37, single and starting the process

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37, single and starting the process

Postby vandebeppo » Thu Jan 17, 2013 12:06 pm

HI ladies,
How inspired to read all the single ladies trying to have a baby. It seems like such a foreign concept in a lot of people's eyes including some of my family. But, I am 37. I don't want to waste any time. I want to have a baby. I have a few lovely lesbian couples who have had a baby through this process and I am so grateful I have their support and guidance.

I have had my first appt to get answers. I am going back next month on day 3 of my period for testing. I started to look at donors. I have sent a email to my doc to ask about what kind of sperm I should buy. I too, do not understand a lot of your abbreviations in the threads, as I am very new to this.

I am very lucky, as my insurance covers this, along with sperm. The doctor I am using came highly recommended and they called my insurance 3 times to verify. I called my insurance and talked to what seemed like a young kid who was a little embarrassed by the topic. He felt it was only covered if I was having problems with fertility, but he wasn't sure. The dr office said, that it covers all insemination including donor sperm. I read the benefits online, and it seems like its covered to me. I am going to call the insurance company again. Has anyone else experienced this? I realize I expected to pay anyway, I was just pleasently surprised that my insurance covered it.

Any advice or help you have I appreciate. My periods are regular, always have been. Should I get ovulation kits at the store?

Thanks! :)
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Re: 37, single and starting the process

Postby ME1822* » Thu Jan 31, 2013 1:16 pm

I haven't heard of insurance covering the donor sperm but definitely the cost of the labs, ultrasounds and the IUI (assuming that's what you are doing??). If they do cover the sperm...you are way ahead of the game. My insurance only covers a lifetime amount of $10,000 for the procedures and bloodwork and such but not sperm. I'm regular as well but definitely get the ovulation kits since you need to know what day you are starting to ovulate. If you are doing full monitoring through your doctor - they may not require it since they may do an ultrasound to watch your follicles but it's nice to know when your LH level surges. While I'm still without a little one - I've done over 13 IUIs both medicated/monitored and just basic IUIs and I have done 1 round IVF. If you have other questions - feel free to ask. Best of luck!!
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Re: 37, single and starting the process

Postby RMassachusetts » Thu Jun 30, 2016 9:40 am

Good luck! I am 39, 9 weeks pregnant, and went through the same scenario (I was 37 when I started trying). It took two years, but my dream is a healthy baby, and I am getting closer to the dream.

Choosing a donor:
CMV--My Dr also told me to one that was CMV negative because I am CMV negative. Same advice as prior post--likely no problem, but better to be safe.
RhNeg--You should have a blood test to find out of you are Rh Neg. Not a big issue, but if you choose an Rh Pos donor, will need Rhogam shots.

My fertility office requires all patients to go through counseling before they start the process. My counselor was excellent; she made some great points about choosing a donor (there is far more certainty about traits when choosing a donor than when having a baby with a life partner you fell in love with!)

Insurance: Be very careful. My state requires infertility coverage, but my insurance carrier was a nightmare. They called me a lier when I said I had tried for 6 months with a prior partner. I was telling the truth; I tried, and when things didn't work immediately, he left me for a much younger woman with fewer "issues." Because I wasn't married, they assumed I was lying. They fought every type of procedure. It was hours and hours on the phone arguing about the law requires and what was in my plan.

Good luck!
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