Single and First Time Trying

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Re: Single and First Time Trying

Postby bluesky10 » Thu Jun 09, 2011 3:56 pm

In MN check out Diamond Womens Center. I used Dr. Wavern
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First Time IVF

Postby singlemom99 » Sun Jun 12, 2011 9:11 pm

I've just had my second surgery due to endometriosis and been told that I've got a "limited time" to get pregnant before a hysterectomy. I've only got one ovary and one fallopian tube, unfortunetly, they're on the opposite sides so my only option is IVF. I haven't started any meds or the process yet... just investigating and going to apply for my loan this week. My family is very supportive and that helps immensely. I've been a nurse for 11 years and worked L&D even! But that still does not prepare a person for this!
I'm single, 36 yrs old and work full time (12-13 hrs shifts).... Anybody out there work long hours too? How did you deal??
How was the labor- did you have a doula or support person with you during delivery?
How are you affording child care when you went back to work? Talking with co-workers, I had NO IDEA how expensive day care is!!!!!!! Ouch!
Can anybody tell me how the IVF meds were? Of course all you hear is the horror stories but anybody have any constructive comments/experiences?

I've told myself I'm only attempting IVF once...that's all I can afford. If it isn't successful I will have to wait a couple years and do adoption.
I'll take any advice, tips...
I am so excited that there is a forum here for us gals to support each other!
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Re: Single and First Time Trying

Postby lrk3161 » Tue Jun 21, 2011 12:19 pm

I hope you hang in there and keep trying. I was in your same shoes 13 years ago. I was still waiting for Mr. Right at age 35 and wanted a baby so bad. My doctor said that if I were living in California it would be the "norm". I am in TX. He totally supported me. My brother and sister did too, but my parents were so against it. However, once my daughter was born, everything changed. She is truly a miracle. She has been the best thing in all our lives. They adore her and spoil her tremendously. I wouldn't change a thing and if I could afford it, I would give her a brother or sister. However, my job doesn't pay much. I will admit that at times finances are a struggle, but having a child is all worth it. She is truly a miracle from God and He has given her to me for however long he deems. You have to do what is right for you, no matter what others say. :-) Just be strong. I began writing a journal to my child from the minute I started the process. It helped a lot. She has just learned she is a donor child and handled it well. I prayed God would lead me to a time that was right to tell her. She actually figured it out herself. I wish you all the blessings in your journey for your child.
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