Donor 1974 - one IUI vial available for donation

Need help finding the right donor? Solicit advice from those who are looking or who have already navigated the process successfully.
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Donor 1974 - one IUI vial available for donation

Postby Gatorgrl81 » Wed Nov 26, 2014 8:36 am

We initially started our DIUI journey with donor 1974 but after a few unsuccessful cycles we switched to another donor and conceived. Donor 1974 does have reported pregnancies and the post-thaw numbers were excellent - so I think it was just a timing and/or compatibility issue for us.

We have one remaining IUI vial of Donor 1974 in storage at Reprotech Limited...... Free to a good home! (You would just pay any fees for shipping & transfer of ownership.)

Email me if interested at
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