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July 2011: End of the month special

PostPosted: Mon Jul 25, 2011 11:04 am
by CLI Moderator
By simply becoming a member of Club CLI today, you can take advantage of the end-of-month special that can save you upwards of $120!

After becoming a Club CLI member, you are now eligible to receive the end-of-month special for July 2011! In order to qualify, you must purchase at least one semen vial from our inventory and either ship or store between July 22nd and July 29th, 2011. You will then select one of the following specials:

50% off FedEx Two Business Day Delivery (a savings of $85)
3 months of free storage (a $120 value)

If you are interested in partaking in this generous special or becoming a Club CLI Member, please call Client Services at 800-466-2796 to place your order to ship or store no later than 4:00pm EST on Friday, July 29th.

The end of month special can only be redeemed once and your order must be placed over the phone.

To learn more about the perks associated with becoming a Club CLI member, click here: Club CLI