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IUI vs. ICI ordering

PostPosted: Mon Jan 09, 2012 12:31 pm
by m123w456
I'm wondering what the differences are for ordering IUI vs. ICI samples? I think I have the basics down (counts and pre-washed or not) but am confused as to how this applies to the insemination itself. If I order ICI, is it then necessary to wash the specimen at the lab before doing the same insemination procedure that they would do if I had ordered IUI? I would like to maximize the number of specimens I can afford within my budget, but obviously want to do what has the best likelihood of success. Thanks!

Re: IUI vs. ICI ordering

PostPosted: Tue Jan 10, 2012 1:14 pm
by CLI Moderator
This depends on the type of procedure you will undergo (artificial insemination or in vitro fertilization) and what your physician/medical professional prefers. Before placing an order it is best to consult your physician regarding which sperm preparation to order.

Our IUI (pre-washed) and ICI (standard, unwashed) prepared specimens can be used for artificial insemination.
    IUI (pre-washed) specimens have been washed to remove the seminal plasma and are ready for an intrauterine insemination (IUI).
    ICI (unwashed) specimens can be used for an intracervical insemination (ICI) or can be prepared at your physician's office for an intrauterine insemination (IUI).

Some physician's offices prefer a certain prep type based on their procedures. Some offices do not offer preparing specimens for wash and some offices like to wash all specimens. So ask your doctor before you order what type they prefer you to purchase.