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Inactive - Sibling - Wait List

Postby JennB1459 » Sun Sep 27, 2015 12:06 pm

Can a donor be contacted to donate more specimen for siblings only once they become inactive? We are currently on the wait list, but we know there is no guarantee anything will become available. We used Donor 4207 and have a son. We would like to give him a sibling using the same donor. Thanks - Jenn
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Re: Inactive - Sibling - Wait List

Postby CLI Moderator » Sun Sep 27, 2015 9:23 pm

If the donor has left our program they could be eligible for the reactivation services. Please call client services to see if this donor is eligible and for more details.

What if the donor I want is sold out? What are my options to get more units?
You can place your name on a CLI waitlist for that donor and only if units are returned from storage (units that have never left our facility) will they be offered to those on the waitlist to buy. CLI also offers a Donor Reactivation program for donors who have left our program. If a donor has reached his maximum limits on family units or total sales, then reactivation of that donor may be available for sibling pregnancies. The Donor Reactivation program is available only to patients seeking additional children by the same donor. Our Donor Reactivation program will attempt to locate, re-screen and re-qualify the donor, collect and quarantine the donor specimens for six months. After the 6 month quarantine period, the donor will be re-tested. Following negative test results, specimens will be made available for insemination. CLI cannot guarantee that the requested donor will be available for participation in the Donor Reactivation program. A donor search fee, processing fee, infectious disease testing fee and specimen storage fee is required prior to initiation of the search. The fees typically amounts to several thousand dollars.
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