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Donor Silhouettes



This feature is now available to help with your donor selection. Most of our donors have agreed to participate in this unique program.

A profile photograph of the donor has been darkened to show only the line of the profile.

We believe this is a great way to view the adult donor's physical characteristics, yet keep him anonymous.

Silhouettes may be ordered in the same way as other donor information such as childhood photos by going to the Donor Search and clicking on the donor. If a silhouette is available on an individual donor, you will see it as available on his individual search page. Downloaded copies are free. If you request that one be mailed to you, there is an additional fee.

Does a handsome or attractive face always correlate with an appealing profile? You can be the judge of that by examining these celebrity profiles. Can you identify the celebrity from his profile? Once you know the celebrity, is his profile what you expected it to look like? To learn who the celebrity profiles are, click here for the answers to the celebrity quiz.


Answers to Celebrity quiz
#1 Matt Damon
#2 Leonardo DeCaprio
#3 George Clooney
#4 Taye Diggs
#5 Tom Cruise

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